Turning Sonora "Green"


Healthy Families--A Healthy School

Sonora PTA has added a Green Team this year. This committee will be working on a few projects and educational activities throughout the year to promote a greener lifestyle at school and at home.  If you would like to participate, please contact PTA President Katrina Foley at katrina@ocfoleylaw.com

A few projects in the works:

  • No More Plastic Bottles: Sonora PTA is working on a grant to provide every student with a stainless steel or non plastic coated aluminum water bottle.  The students will each be able to have a water bottle at their desk.  We will also have bottles to purchase for home.  Watch for this great program coming soon.


  • Recycling Plastic Bags, Cans, and Bottles: The Green Team is working on a recycling fundraiser to both bring awareness to the need to recycle and to raise money to pay for our new water bottles.


  • Don't Be a Litter Bug Campaign: We want our school and neighborhood to stay clean.  We also want to prevent our trash from washing into the gutters and running into our oceans.  This year we plan to launch an active anti-litter campaign and educate our students and families about the importance of putting litter in its place--the trash can, not the ground. 


  • Bike Walk to School All Year: With the addition of 4th through 6th grades, we have less parking available and a lot more traffic.  This year, our PTA will strongly encourage parents and students to walk or bike to school if they live in the neighborhood.  We will kick off this effort with International Walk to School Week beginning October 6th, and our big Walk to School Day event on the 8th.  We will try to create walking and biking pools and establish safe routes that children can use to get to campus throughout the year.  Let's get our of our cars and onto a healthier lifestyle for our families and community.  If you would like to coordinate a walking or biking pool from your part of the neighborhood, please email Mrs. Lewis at alewis@nmusd.us to volunteer.

Other projects are pending and this site will be updated regularly.