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Proud Member of NEU

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What comes after high school??? COLLEGE!

Preparing for college begins in elementary school!

Sonora Students are College Bound!

Staff Birthdays


2     Sue McVeigh - 2nd Grade Teacher

10   Kenny Nguyen - Science Teacher

10   Arianna Ochoa - Instructional Aide

20   Chyra Paxson - Instructional Aide

21   Cheryl Wright - Office Assistant

28   Noelle Milton - SAI Teacher

29   Karrie Anderson - Autism Specialist



1     Yuka Reyes - OT

4     Kelli Warrick - 2nd Grade Teacher

17   Peggy Pfeifer - Cafeteria manager 

21   Ximena Escobar - Instructional Aide

22   Ellen Gentling -   Instructional Aide

30   Shelly Mymon - 3rd Grade Teacher



13   Christina Selstad - 3rd Grade Teacher

15   Marcy Shands-Brown - Community Coordinator

20   Leila Nabily - Preschool Teacher

24   Elizabeth Soulliere



5    Jimmy Nguyen - Head Custodian

5     Ivette Perez - Psychologist

12   Tami Park - 5th Grade Teacher

26    Cindy Henthorn - School Admin Assistant



5    Lynda Koliba - Instructional Aide

5    Lara Koubati - Instructional Aide

14  Sandra Flores - Instructional Aide

26  Teri Yuen - Instructional Aide



1     Jeff Williams - PE Teacher

1     Susie Farnsworth - 6th Grade Teacher

12   Amy Lewis - 2nd Grade Teacher

15   Christine Anderson - Principal

28   Brittany Bybee - SAI Teacher



7    Peggy Nguyen - Kinder Teacher

9    Heidi Eadie - 6th Grade Teacher

9    Leslie Sallego - Nurse

16  Violet Marquez -  Preschool Teacher 

17   Michelle Alarid - 4th Grade Teacher



7    Deanna Maher - 4th Grade Teacher

8    Julie Cunningham - Kinder Teacher

9    Jeannine Jones - Music Teacher

13   Mark Bray - 5th Grade Teacher

19   Teresa Canez - Instructional Aide

24   Jessica Patrida Nguyen - Speech Therapist



4     Cynthia Mader - Intervention Teacher

7     Debra Muniz - 6th Grade Teacher

13   Selma Bergeron - Instructional Aide

23   Oleny Pimentel - Reading Resource

24   Peggy Roberts - 2nd Grade Teacher

25   Nereyda Rynearson - Instructional Aide

29   Ryan Baker - PE Teacher



15   Mary Davis - Instructional Aide

21   Hilary Fenn - 5th Grade Teacher

Sonora Quote

Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.  ~Les Brown

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Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year!

Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year! We are happy to have you here at Sonora ~ The Hidden Gem of Mesa del Mar! School starts on Tuesday, September 5th at 7:50. Check out our handbook - on our website - for information about lunch times, recess times and start and dismissal times. We do NOT have an early out Wednesday. We get out every day at the same time. If I can answer any questions, please call the school office at 714-424-7955 and ask for my administrative assistant, Cindy to speak with me or schedule an appointment time. Thanks again for being a part of our wonderful school! Sonora students , parents and staff ROCK!


Christine Anderson, Principal

District and School News

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Dogs on Campus

Dear Parents, 

Just a friendly reminder ~ the only dogs allowed on campus are Service Dogs. A Service Dog is defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. “Therapy” Dogs, whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support, do not qualify under these guidelines provided by the U.S. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Public Schools fall under the guidelines provided by the ADA. Thank  you for your cooperation!

Emergency Pick up Procedures

During an emergency, remain calm, know that our top priority is keeping your child safe, and follow these procedures: First Aid Kit

  • Go to the reunification table set up outside one of the campus entry points.
  • Please wait there and DO NOT enter the campus.
  • Sonora staff will find your child’s emergency release card and send a messenger or radio the student management team where your child is being supervised by staff. 
  • Your child will be brought to meet you at the reunification table and released into your care.

Let's all be smart and help everyone remain safe by following these procedures!




Sonora Sweeps the State Awards!

Congratulations to the Sonora Elementary School Community! We've been recognized as a state "Gold Ribbon" School, state "Exemplary Arts" School AND a "Title I Achieving" School! Wow! 3 state awards in one year! Way to go, Sonora! You ROCK!!


Gold Ribbon AwardLogo Calif Exemplary Arts Education ProgramTitle I Achieving SchoolCalifornia Distinguished Shool


Eagle graduating with diploma

The Sonora Staff, Students, and Parents are committed to creating a school

that accepts no limits to the academic success of ALL students.


Contact Us

Sonora Elementary School

966 Sonora Rd

Costa Mesa, CA  92626


Office 714-424-7955

Fax    714-424-4751


Principal: Christine P. Anderson



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Online Flyers

Sonora Elementary Peachjar Website

Sign up for School Loop/School News! Stay Informed!


Go to the upper left hand corner of this page and

Click "Register Now"

Click "Parent Registration"

Fill out the form. You must have your student identification number - found on your child's report card.


Once you have registered, you will receive daily/weekly emails giving you updates from the school. This is how we notify parents of events happening at the school!


Click on the "News" on the right hand corner of your email.

School Loop/School News is safe and secure. All information is kept private

Enrollment Information for New Students

If you are new to the Newport Mesa Unified School District and would like information on enrolling your child for the 2018-2019 school year, please go to


Today: 6/18/18


Our birthday celebration is as follows:

We know it's fun to celebrate your child’s birthday and we will still recognize birthdays here at school; however parents will no longer bring food items or balloon bouquets or large flower bouquets to school to celebrate birthdays.

Student birthdays will be recognized in the following ways:

  • Monthly at flag deck

  • Classroom recognition

  • Birthday Book Club - parents can donate a new book to the school library in honor of their child's birthday. (information about participating will be sent home in September.)

Sonora School Creed

Sonora Students are College Bound!

"I pledge to be a person of character and trust,

I will be respectful and responsible doing what I must!

I will act with fairness and show that I care,

Be a good citizen and do my share!

Character counts at Sonora School!


Websites for Home Use


Renaissance Learning ( Accelerated Math ) -Renaissance Learning Login page then use 6 digit student ID and birthday for password. You can check your student's AR progress at this site too.

Typing Club - https://nmusd.typingclub.com at then use 6 digit student ID and birthday for password

Lexia -:  http://www.lexialearning.com - same username and password as they use at school.

SWUN Math - Teachers have set up their classes to go onto www.Swunmath.com for math practice and short video lessons at home. 

All Sonora Teachers and Para Professionals are Highly Qualified!

All Sonora Teachers and Para Professionals are highly qualified, as indicated by the No Child Left Behind Federal Act.


NCLB Parent Notification